Monday, December 31, 2012

Holiday Ornament

Hello! My name is Bianca (I am the saucy one in this duo...really I just like to cook and EAT!). My best friend is Katie (She is just sew sew... kidding. She's pretty awesome. She is the brains and talent behind this operation). We live on opposite coasts and decided to create a blog to share our ideas with each other and our new friends along the way.

To kick things off here is a Christmas ornament I made. I bought a bag of alphabet blocks and jazzed them up a bit.


-Alphabet blocks
-Paint (to paint one side with the alphabet letter)
-Scrapbooking paper (I used less than two 12x12 sheets to make 12 ornaments)
-2-3 small Pictures (per block)
-Eyelet screws (for the top)
-Ribbon/string (or anything fancy to make this piece original. I found some glittered pine cones on floral wire. Anything works).

Idea: Using lettered stamps, stamp your child's name, the date, or a message on the block. Another idea is for the bottom of the ornament. One year I dipped the bottom in glue and glitter (Cute but messy. I hate glitter. You find it on your face days after doing any project). This year I used scrapbooking paper.

The one on the left is the ornament I made for this year 2012. Two years ago I made the ornament on the right... Not my finest creation.