Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adopt-a-pet birthday party!!

My daughter wanted an "adopt-a-pet" birthday party for her 8th birthday party this year. I loved the idea and the kids had a great time.

I bought puppies from the dollar store. I made dog ears for each girl from headbands (dollar store) and felt. I hot glued the ears to the headbands. I printed out a certification of adoption paper for each girl to fill out.

I set up different stations for the new puppies and girls. I had a washing station, brushing station, dressing station, and a vet station. Then they made little dog houses from brown paper bags. I made little tutus for the puppies and hair ribbon from tulle. It turned out to be a great party and lots of fun!!

For snacks, I made puppy chow (muddy buddies recipe), dog treats (Scooby-Doo graham cracker sticks in the shape of bones. I bought these at the grocery store), cupcakes, and juice boxes.

Adopt-a-pet station

Bathing Station

Grooming station and dressing station

Vet station

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